AIGA Dallas fort worth

communication director, Vice President, president

When I joined the AIGA DFW board in May 2011, I came on as Communication Director, and was tasked to help grow our reach and engagement through our event communications as well as to create a system of communications tools and processes to support the numerous events our board concepted and orchestrated during our 2011-2012 season. Within 6 months of joining the board, I was elected to Vice President and served both roles until Summer 2013 after recruiting more board members.

During the first two years of my tenure on the AIGA DFW board, we grew our membership from 150 - 225 by creating more focused programming born from membership interviews and affinity leadership. During my presidential term, we grew that membership to between 375-390 members (monthly flux).

The videos below include a quick view into the events that brought the community together from April 2012 to February 2013 and a case study of our 2013 Design Week.

More detail on specific programming to come.