SMU Temerlin School of Advertising
Final Project Review
March 2013, April 2017

University of North Texas College of Visual Arts + Design
Adjunct Professor 

  • Graphic Design Final Portfolio
    Spring 2012
  • Professional Prep / Personal Brand + Goal Setting + Interviewing (Prerequisite to Final Portfolio)
    Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Portfolio Night 11
May 2013

Portfolio Night 10
May 2012

DSVC National Student Show + Conference
Studio/Agency Tour Host

  • MasonBaronet
    April 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Imaginuity
    April 2015, 2016

TCU Graphic Design Department Speaker
February 2012

UNT Final Portfolio Review
December 2009

University of Texas Arlington
Department of Visual Arts + Art History

  • Adjunct Professor
    Spring 2009
  • Full-time Senior Lecturer + Student Group Advisor
    Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

DSVC National Student Show + Conference
Portfolio Review
2002-2007, 2010-2011

Good For Grasshopper
Portfolio Workshops & Reviews
Organized & Led
2009 - 2010








99U Local
Fall 2015

AIGA DFW Seasoned Pros Series (Quarterly Talks)
September 2012 - May 2015
Opening Remarks + Introductions

AIGA DFW Pecha Kucha
June 2014
Pecha Kucha: Drawing New Landscapes

AIGA DFW Design: Big Week
October 2013
DB Talks: 4 Talks, 1 Conversation 
(5 nights)

AIGA DFW Pecha Kucha
October 2013
Pecha Kucha: What Scares You
aka Meet the Board

AIGA DFW Pecha Kucha
October 2012
Pecha Kucha: What Scares You
(Community Leaders)

AIGA DFW Pecha Kucha
May 2013
Pecha Kucha: This is My City

GOOD Ideas For Cities - Dallas
June 2012

AIGA DFW Design Week
April 2012

  • Pecha Kucha: Creative 20/20
  • Women-Owned Panel
  • Leading Creatives Panel
  • Good Ideas For Cities Introductions

Dallas Show Awards Presentation
June 2010
Opening Remarks


DSVC National Student Show + Conference  
Breakout Session
April 2018
The Wonder Years: How to Survive The First Five Years

AIGA Houston Inside Job
November 2017
Equity Through Empathy

AIGA National Conference - Las Vegas
October 2016
Presentation of the Women Lead Equity Toolkit

AIGA National Leadership Retreat - Grand Rapids
June 2015
Breakout Session Panelist
Uh-Oh Prezo

Big D Reads + Naked Stage
March 2015
That Talk I Gave About Grit

TEDxSMU Auditions
June 2014
How Designers Can & Should Change The World

DSVC National Student Show + Conference 
Breakout Session
May 2014
The Brand of You

AIGA National Leadership Retreat - Philadelphia
June 2013
Mentor Matchmaking Programming Spotlight

AIGA National Leadership Retreat - Salt Lake City
June 2012
Vice Presidents Panel


AIGA Design For Democracy
Building Community Power : NASDAQ
April 2018

AIGA Pittsburgh, Judge
PGH 365 Judge
April 2018

AAF Kansas City, Judge
January 2018
AAF Award Show (Kansas City Addy's)

AIGA Texas Show Judge
March 2014

AIGA Blueridge
Posterclash Judge
February 2013

Hackathon Judge
February 2013

Dallas Engaged Professionals Hackathon Judge
July 2012